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The primary purpose of an event is to create the conditions for the public to have a memorable experience, such as to stimulate positive mental associations with the promoting company.

Thanks to the experience of its collaborators, bootee suggests and organize the event that will best achieve your goal.

Marketing communication events aimed at spreading, increasing the awareness of a brand or product and/or consolidating its image: events for the launch of products, promotional tours, initiatives in the context of fairs, musical, sporting and cultural events.

Institutional communication events, through which the company aims to improve and consolidate its image among the various stakeholders. Congresses, conventions and round tables to establish relations with the territory (public institutions, lobbies and power groups) and obtain the social consensus of the community on the company's projects.

Economic-financial communication events, through which the company aims to gain credibility with the financial community (lenders, shareholders, investors): presentations of the financial statements to the community and other recreational, cultural and social events aimed at the reference financial environment for the procurement of capital .

Internal communication events: meetings and conventions to stimulate the sales force, or company celebrations and parties to improve relations with personnel.

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